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Securing wireless networks

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Has your organization implemented a wireless network? How does your organization approach wireless network security? Share your comments about wireless network security, as discussed in the July 14 Internet Security Focus e-newsletter.

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Access is the first defense...

by JIM-H In reply to Securing wireless network ...

When it comes to setting up a wireless LAN using MAC layer filters is a must. In most cases wireless network utilize DHCP and if you allow any old 802.11b NIC within a 1000ft range enter the network big problems can occur if the ?wrong? person findsout.

One example; just imagine if a local hacker with their own box decides to connect into the wireless network and configure their machine as a DHCP/DNS/WWW (Whatever they want) Server. Common users in the company may never notice that they were actually on the net via an intruder?s box and it could take days to even realize this has been done. When wireless LANs first started booming more than you would imagine did not do MAC based filtering and in theory you could drive down any large corporate building and have your way with the airwaves. (In theory)

The next line of defense is encrypting the data between your wireless clients and access points. In most cases your standard WEP options (even on most home 802.11 boxes) will suffice, keeping in mind that the encryption does stop at the land infrastructure.

The network security definitely should revolve around the data that is on it.

Hope it helps. I've been using wireless LANs on and off for sometime now and am very happy with it.


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Considering wireless

by VytautasB In reply to Securing wireless network ...

We are looking into the possiblity of obtaining some wireless networking equipment for trial purposes. There is a need to extend for a short period of time our LAN to parts of the building that don't have wired LAN access. This is useful for example when organising a seminar when the LAN is needed for the presentation or for when an office needs to move to another location for a brief period. Security of course is a high concern and the equipment we choose to test will be more high end. Themore security features the better and we plan to use them and not be content with default settings.

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168bit Wireless connection

by dmcneel In reply to Securing wireless network ...

Sonic Wall has recently released a product that dramatically increases wireless security and stability. Check for details on the TZW wireless access point.

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