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Securing Wireless

By DeN inc. ·

I'm setting up a wireless network for my customer by plugging in an access point to a switch in the office. The problem is that they want their network to be really secured from outsiders.I know that WEP key can't provide much security and is easily hacked. Any ideas on how to do this?


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Don't Use Wireless

by jmgarvin In reply to Securing Wireless

You can't get tight security with wireless. If you must use it:
1) Strict Subnetting to allow only the # of users that they have on
2) MAC filtering
3) WEP, WPA, RADIUS, etc, etc
4) A third party encryption schema, but that still won't help too much...

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think carefully

by kawarimi In reply to Don't Use Wireless

Hi Dennis, choose the correct brand of A.P. dun mess with your reputation for a FX-up company, well if I were you, I would choose MAC filtering, WPA + RADIUS server, some A.P. offers "disable SSID broadcasting" it helps too.

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Very important

by moleculardistortion In reply to think carefully

As "kawarimi" said make sure SSID broadcasting is turned off! If you can't see it it's much harder to get into.

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Turning off SSID doesn't do much

by jmgarvin In reply to Very important

It is easy to grab the SSID even with it turned off. While it will keep away Joe Sixpack, it won't really do much to help your security.

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