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How can I make sure a system is not hacked?Any tools to check ?Please help.

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Your question is confusing...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Security

Are you asking if there is a way to check to see if a PC has already been hacked?

Or, are you asking if there is a way to protect a PC from ever being hacked?

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Like forensic discovery?

by seanferd In reply to Security

You can build your own WinFE:

And there are several Linux-based forensic Live CDs. Or you buy from XWays.

If this is on a larger network, there are intrusion detection systems which may be in place.

If you are talking about malware, there are many good scanners.

I think you need to be a bit more specific as to what you are trying to find out - what causes you to suspect a system was hacked? You may be able to determine unauthorized access easily in some cases just by normal OS tools and methods.

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by smj165 In reply to Like forensic discovery?

User found a suspected folder on her desktop PC. and his outlook was used to send mail without his knowledge.
Please elaborate more on detection technology or method.

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RE: How can I make sure a system is not hacked?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Security

There is only one way that is 100% effective in preventing Hacking of Systems.

That is to not have the system on Line or connected to any sort of Network and then remove the Power Plug and fill the socket with Epoxy Glue so that it is impossible to plug in a Power lead.

This of course renderer's the unit unusable and in the real world you need to balance the needs of the user with the needs of the Security model that you use and come up with a compromise that works for everyone concerned.

The bottom line however is that you can never guarantee that any system is Unhackable if it is being used and it's not even a good idea to try but you can minimize the risk by following the Security Model that was set and allowing the person who needs to use that computer to do their job within the limits of the Security Model that the place works under.


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