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By whistlerpk ·
The security of wireless networking has had a lot of bad press in recent times. Current standards, including 802.1x and 802.11i, are much more secure than earlier standards such as WEP.

Some industry commentators have suggested that with the latest security standards available, worrying about rogue access points (APs) is unnecessary. However, others believe that not checking for rogue APs can be potentially very risky.

What do you think? Is wireless security now at a stage where worrying about rogue APs, as well as other threats such as war-drivers, is a thing of the past? Should network administrators monitor their networks for these and similar breaches, or are they wasting their time?

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by Kryptos In reply to Security

Yes, wirelss has issues and wireless security standards are still under developemnt stage.

But if one design & build a good infrastructure, one can build safe wireless networks(this stand good for even LAN). Problem start when people start deplying wireless without any planning.

vendors linke cisco has good secure wireless solution.

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by collignond In reply to Security

Personaly I think that running a radius server is probibly the esiaest way of securing oyur network not just wireless, but also open wired data points. If the radius dosent asign an IP adress there isn't realymuch nybody will be able to do. Rogue APs will probibly always be a certain amount of risk especialy if people install them them selves but a radius installation should go a long way to shut down rogue APs, but a greater threat at the moment is probibly bluetooth, because of its easy installation and setup, allowing acess to just about anything.

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