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    by ssbnetadmin ·

    How can I make a server that is no longer trusted by my primary domain to be trusted again?

    My primary domain is on a win2000 server while the untrusted server on on win nt server.

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      by d.walker5 ·

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      Create the trust by using the Windows 2000 Active Directory Domains and Trusts tool. Right-click the domain name, and then click Properties. Click the Trusts tab, and then add the appropriate trust.

      You cannot use User Manager for Domains from Windows NT 4.0 to create a trust for a Windows 2000-based domain.

      Hope this helps?

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        by ssbnetadmin ·

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        Thanks for your response. I try develop trust between both system that way but it did not work. I had to place the untrusted server in workgroup, then readd it to the main server. That resolve the problem.

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