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    by oliviadaniel842 ·

    Security is a top concern for my online store. What are the latest cybersecurity best practices and technologies I should consider implementing to protect my customers’ data and maintain trust in my clothing brand?

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      by kees_b ·

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      In another post I read that you have a Shopify shop. That means, I think, that most of the security is done by Shopify, not by you.

      And I read that you use VPN (and that it slows down your site). Can you explain how exactly you use it.

      And can you tell what security practices and technologies you already use? It doesn’t make much sense to suggest things you already do.

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      by hermionelestrange2610 ·

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      I think you should consider to secure website infrastructure. Keep your website platform, content management system (CMS), and plugins up to date to address any known security vulnerabilities. Implement strong access controls and authentication mechanisms for website administration. Regularly backup your website and store backups securely.

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      by charles.timmis ·

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      It is increasingly hard to have certainty to prevent a breach and so one recommendation also would be to have in place a plan to be able to respond to an incident – in terms of detection, immediate response/ communications but also in how to continue business without the affected system, data or network. And to consider what the impact to your business might be for each scenario (operational, reputational and legal).

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      Keeping abreast of emerging threats in cybersecurity is crucial

      by GracePerkins ·

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      Start by implementing HTTPS, encrypting data in transit, and regularly updating your website software to mitigate vulnerabilities. Utilize a firewall and intrusion detection systems to monitor and block suspicious activities. Implement multi-factor authentication for added login security. Regularly backup your data and have a disaster recovery plan in place. Educate your team on cybersecurity best practices and conduct simulated phishing exercises.

      Additionally, comply with relevant data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA to demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding customer privacy.

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