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By dhenderson ·
I have a client who wants to modify a sensitive document. The document contains intellectual property that I do not want abused.

I need to find a way to allow the client to modify the file without the client having the possibility of saving the file to an external devise.

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no possible to

by Jaqui In reply to Security

stop them from saving it to another device ever.

if they have it in their possession they can save it any where they choose to.

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Tricky One!

by aflah.memon In reply to Security

If you are sending it to your client, he/she would have it on their system so there is no way stopping 'em from copying to another device. I don't think you can do much other than have a Memorandum of Understanding signed between your client and you in regards to disclosure of information - or you can have the client modify the file at your location, which I do not think is the case here - ??

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by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to Security

I am not sure of your exact details, but I have to do something similar on occasion. I create a locked down pdf file that only allows comments. They can't alter the original pdf file in any way. The ability to print the pdf can even be controlled. I also add a watermark and any other information the I feel is pertinent.

The document can be copied but the changes that were made to it are obvious and were not made by the originator. It may not be what you are looking for but I thought I would try.

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Terminal Services

by Churdoo In reply to Security

You should be able to provide a locked down Terminal Services session which will meet the criteria you described.

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More info

by Churdoo In reply to Terminal Services

Sorry I didn't notice your role before posting my first and very broad response.

As the other posters have indicated, if you send the file to the client, there's little you can do to thwart copying or abuse of the document.

In order to meet your criteria, you may work with your IT department, and they can create a terminal services session that will allow the client to log into your network where he will have only the access that you specify (I suggest of course a COPY of the document for their editing). This terminal services session can be configured to disallow all of the clients' local resources including local disk drives AND printers. You can even disable the clipboard so they can't copy/paste from the TS session to their local desktop. If necessary, you can also have the client's access limited to certain time of day and you can "shadow" their session to see exactly what they're doing. This may be extreme, but I want to give you a taste of the features so you know what's available and you can decide what to ask for.

Once the edits are finished, you may disable the client's access, compare the client-edited version to the Production version, and decide if you want to incorporate the edited version.

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