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    Security against stolen desktop machines


    by larry.johnson ·

    I an interested in ways to protect the desktop from being stolen. We have flat screen monitors and the Dell DHP cpu’s, these are both easily fit into backpacks or winter coats. Is there anyone who has suggestions on security? Is there a way to notify a server if the monitor is disconnected from the PC? This is a call center environment, so PCs arent assigned to just one user, and assigned seating isnt an option either.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Security against stolen desktop machines

      It sounds like you have basically fixed installations.

      If so, there are a number of products that you can use to physically lock the PCs and monitors to the desks.

      If you need / want to give the users some flexibility in moving the PC and monitor on the desk, there are alarm systems that work from thin wires attached to each component.


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        by oldefar ·

        In reply to Locks

        Locks are the simplist solution, but if the work top does not lend itself to locks you may want to consider a passive transponder. There are a variety of units available, including stickers much like vehicle inspection tags, toll tag type units, and the clips stores use for high theft items.

        In addition to the transponder on the monitor and CPU, you will need to put the tranceivers at the exits. Think Wal-Mart exits and cassette tape tags.

        The response from a removed unit can be an audible alarm, a silent notification to security, a picture that shows who is attempting to remover the unit, or an automatic lock of the exit.

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          Search on RFID

          by oldefar ·

          In reply to Transponders

          A search on RFID will bring up a large number of approaches.

          The physical security issue is very similar to how stores control shop lifting, and they have extensive experience in applying technology to an environment with a large number of unknown individuals with access to an extensive source of unsecured removable assets.

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