security concerns for desktop using wireless usb adapter.

By Jgates88 ·
how can I put a lock on someone getting into the computer thru the wireless adapter?

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how can someone get into

by BizIntelligence In reply to security concerns for des ...

your computer if Wireless is disabled...even if it is enabled then how?

So far I believe you should not have windows selected to connect to wireless networks automatically. Keep it disabled all the time.

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by sivivelayudhan In reply to security concerns for des ...

For a really good review of reporting systems available on SharePoint, take a look at

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If I am reading your question as you intended

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to security concerns for des ...

There is no proven way to prevent anyone from accessing a computer through any working WiFi Adapter.

You can however make it more difficult for people who want to do this by employing WEP, WEP2 and various other Security that is supported by the WiFi Access Point or Router.


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Some ideas

by Choppit In reply to security concerns for des ...

Use infrastructure mode (instead of ad-hoc).
Use the strongest encryption supported by your wireless network (likely WPA2)
Don't connect to unfamiliar/open wireless networks.
Use a personal firewall.
Disable any network services you don't need

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Reduce the router's signal strength.

by Ron K. In reply to security concerns for des ...

My farthest user connects well with 2% signal strength so my thinking is that there isn't any need to have a signal farther beyond them.<br>
Depending upon how many users need to access shared folders you could password protect the folders too. If there are more than a handful of users it'd be cumbersome.

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