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Security dongle on PCI Prallel card problem

By Copy-and-Pasta ·

I just upgraded a client's PC who is using and old type label printer running on a parallel port. Since the new PC did not have a parallel port- I added a PC card (WinXP). The 'Device Manager' tells me the card is working ok, I can change LPT port settings etc. But the label printing software does NOT recognise the Dongle - attached to the parallel cable.

Has anyone come across that problem?

PS.: I was informed by the label printing software support that a 'parallel to USB adapter' will result in bad print results.

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Was the old machine's parallel port

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Security dongle on PCI Pr ...

on the motherboard, or through a card. PCI, ISA...

I've had similar problems with old hardware, turned out the 'driver' was very very hardware specific, in one case to a particular model of card.

They ended up spending 50k because we couldn't source a 30 quid VGA and parallel port card in that case..

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by Copy-and-Pasta In reply to Was the old machine's par ...


yes the old machines' PP was on the motherboard, and I now somehow think it is a protocol problem, just been in contact with the software supplier again.

Thank you for the reply :)

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What's the application?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Security dongle on PCI Pr ...

How old is the application? Some -very- old apps are hardcoded to use physical LPT1.

Try a USB-to-parallel adapter anyway. They're only around $20.

Any chance you can attach the printer to a system that still has a parallel port, and then share it or set it up as a network printer? Extended Systems used to make stand-alone network adapters for parallel ports.

Great alias, by the way. Welcome to TR.

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USP adapter

by Copy-and-Pasta In reply to What's the application?


tried the Parallel to USB adapter - no fun.

I have spoken once again to the software support - but they know very little about computers it seems.

Unfortunately the suggestion to share it as a network printer will not work here.

Thanks for your reply :)

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Software protection

by mjd420nova In reply to Security dongle on PCI Pr ...

I've dealt with many of these when users changed to new PC's without a parallel port. They actually went back to the software maker and requested a new adapter for a newer printer on a USB port. Worked out better as they were able to get rid of the old dot-matrix printer along with the old PC. Getting that old software to work with the new hardware presented so many problems they were glad to be rid of the old stuff.

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by Copy-and-Pasta In reply to Software protection


I think you nailed it: getting old software to work with new hardware can be a nightmare. I personally have a 10 year old Yamaha soundcard (sw1000xg), took me ages to get it going on my new PC.

Thanks for the reply

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I have legacy hardware

by CharlieSpencer In reply to PP

that has problems with modern serial ports. One system connects to a proprietary mailing weight scale, the other to our HVAC system. I'm restricted to systems that have a BIOS option to disable the UART feature. Otherwise the system won't talk to the scale / AC.

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