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By abanerji ·
I have been using a regular wired DSL broadband modem in my Compaq laptop. Planning to buy a new USB wireless modem. Am a bit confused about the security issues which may have to be addressed now.

My current OS/security setup is as below :-

a) Win-XP SP2 (completely patched, vetted by Secunia)
b) AVG AV/AS free 8.5
c) ZA firewall free 7.0.483
d) Sundry utilities/protection software : Ccleaner, Spywareblaster
e) Safe browsing habit

I have been reading about WEP and WPA, but have not understood fully whether these would be applicable for my new USB wireless modem. I don't ever intend to use any wifi / hotspot.

What more do I need to do please?

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Security for new connecti ...

WPA(or WPA2) is the most secure to date. WEP is eaily cracked and sniffed. you should also use AES security encryption.

deppending on the price you may just want to buy a wireless router. it would do the same thing for you. i am not sure how much wirelss modems go for... i would guess a tad bit more than a router.

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by abanerji In reply to Use WPA

Thank you.

I am not aware about these technologies. Could you please tell me how to activate WPA / AES. Do I need to buy these separately?

Since I will be travelling, I need the wireless modem, and can't use a router.
But, like I mentioned in my OP, I am not going to use any wifi / hotspot.

Thanks again,

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WPA and AES are Wireless security protocols

by Snuffy09 In reply to WPA & AES

You dont need to "buy" anything. they are securty "switches" you can enable on your modem.

so when you setup your modem select WPA (or even better WPA2) for the wireless security level.

Read more >

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by abanerji In reply to WPA and AES are Wireless ...

Thank you. Let me clarify.

My laptop has a built-in Broadcom 802.11b/g wireless network card. But, I am not using it.

What I am buying now is a USB "data card" modem. I will be using it during travel. As I understand, this modem will "wirelessly" connect to the ISP's local tower.
My existing DSL broadband modem connects to the ISP through cable only, and there's no wireless element in this. While travelling, I can't carry my existing DSL broadband modem, so can't use a wireless router too.

As mentioned in my OP. I don't intend to connect to any wifi / hotspot ever.

I have little knowledge about wireless / wifi technology, and am sorry that my query and the facts were unclear.

So, do I need any additional security for the data card, apart from my existing AV / software firewall?

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