Security for wireless router

By abanerji ·
I have been using D-Link's router model # DI-524UP in wired mode for my laptop. Now, I want to use a second laptop to connect to the router in wireless mode.

The second laptop's current OS/security setup is as below :-

a) Win-XP SP2 (completely patched, vetted by Secunia)
b) AVG AV/AS free 9.0
c) ZA firewall free 7.0.483
d) Sundry utilities/protection software : Ccleaner, Spywareblaster
e) Safe browsing habit

Yes, I shall be upgrading the OS to XP-SP3 within the next three months.

Since I do not understand the wireless security aspects, I had requested a friend, more knowledgeable than me, to do the wireless setup. He tried to setup the router for WPA, but could not due to unknown reasons, so settled with "open system - WEP enabled".

Please advise how to make the second laptop work in WPA mode.


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Although it should work

by .Martin. In reply to Security for wireless rou ...

sometimes it doesn't.

WPA is included in windows XP SP2, but there have been lots of problems with networking to WPA networks secured with XP SP2, especially with versions of XP that were upgraded from SP1 and earlier.

to fix this install these two updates:


install WPA update, then WPA2 update, then run windows update.

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Thank you

by abanerji In reply to Although it should work

Thank you for your advice and the MS links. These links are for KB 815485 and 893357. I had also come across an article on the net, where KB **7021 was additionally mentioned. Is it necessary to install this third patch too?

In fact, I am now wondering whether to just update to XP-SP3 first, before trying wireless connectivity.

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you could use

by .Martin. In reply to Thank you

either 893357 or **7021, as they are both pretty much the same.

If you were to update to SP3, all the required patches would be included, which would be the best result.

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by santeewelding In reply to you could use

Please extend your expertise a tad further.

'Splain for me how I keep seeing these references to those who run XP at this late date and age without the latest Service Pack.

Do they live in a cave?

Do they clutch to what they know with white knuckles?

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I've no plans

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to .Martin

to install SP3 to XP. My previous desktop hit the bricks hard after that install. Not gonna do it again.

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What color white?

by santeewelding In reply to I've no plans

Pale? Distinct? Stark? Run the fluck the other way?

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Bloodless white.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What color white?

Really, really bad timing on that crash.

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When you are comfortable

by Michael Kassner Contributor In reply to I've no plans

Try again. MS screwed up the first release of SP3. It did not play nice with other patches. It should work OK now.

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yes indeed

by .Martin. In reply to .Martin

everyone still running XP SP2 lives in a cave.

we can only hope they will come out of that cave one day.

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