security in cloud computing, one key encryption & bio metric authentication

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2 levels in a cloud computing environment. First a one time key encryption mechanism for data protection and second level a bio metric ( e.g finger print) authentication for identity management is carried out.

framework theoretically that how this process will work if a file is operated by a service provider in cloud based environment. What will be the proposed features for the above related problem in the prototype application. Like how a file comes and then processed in cloud based environment with reference to 2 level security environment as above describe
What are previous applications working in similar domain and how?

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biometric authentication

In biometric security frameworks, human qualities, for example, fingerprints, iris or face that are unique to every individual are utilized to confirm the individual’s personality. Unique biometric innovation is a standout amongst the most outstanding and generally utilized biometric methodology in the present time. The idea of biometrics originally began with fingerprints. The outside of a unique fingerprint has remarkable examples, for example, ridges and valleys that fill in as the distinctive highlights for people. These examples are so one of a kind in nature that even twins have diverse arrangements of fingerprints.

In biometric verification, cloud clients are at first selected into the biometric framework given by the cloud stage or specialist co-op. Clients are required to enlist various biometric fingerprints amid the enlistment procedure which are then put away as formats at the cloud supplier’s segment. Each time when the client needs to get to cloud-based administrations, he is provoked to give his unique fingerprint template and that is contrasted and the put-away layout.

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deborasumopayroll, thank you

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deborasumopayroll, thank you for such interesting info) now I'm gonna read some articles about biometrics cause I realized I know nothing! I mean I knew only that the idea of biometrics originally began with fingerprints.

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