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Security in the Modern Context

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Fractional Identity Theft ?

by pequod In reply to Security in the Modern Co ...


Fractional Identity Theft ?


( No, Silly --> It's <em>S.E.O.</em> for Dummies ! )<br />
<br />

I was asked to analyze the declining results of some websites owned by a small company in <br />
the Southern United States.

<br /><br />

building a replacement for the original and completing the usual
metrics, I began to map the distribution of the client's unique strings
on the net.

I discovered entire pages from several sites in the
client's domain had been replicated on websites operated by "other
entities" registered in several foreign countries.<br />
<br />

Additionally, participation in web based political forums by the registrant was discovered
(in 2 languages) - originating from two non-North American Countries. <br />
<br />
I described these findings to the site owner as an apparent attempt to
craft webpages to exploit the process by which search engines compile
the result snippets seen by users.

( As snippets were
constructed in those days, in some cases, clicking on the "manipulated"
link would lead a user to an untended page. ) Google's , Yahoo's, and
other spider cached data helped clarify the evolution of the 'exploit'.<br />
<br />

The distribution of this 'exploit' seems limited to a single
non-US actor with (30) Websites and one <br />
Major Hollywood Movie
promotional affiliation !<br />
<br />

obviate the clever cloaking menace, I'm coding a crawler for the
purpose of monitoring the (un)usual suspects for combinations of
crafted pages and meta tags that may result in such infringement.

...<br />
<br />
I. I. Rabi comes to mind:<br />
<br />

"We Drove Traffic to your Website, what more would you want ?
The Face on Mars ?"<br />
<br />

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