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Security in Windows XP

By m_siddiquie ·

I'm new to Windows XP, I have a wierd problem with Xp. I have a small network of 4,5 users and they do file sharing and printer sharing with each other. I set the sharing for (Everyone) which was fine on folder and sub folder level but when they try to access some files under subfolder the permissions are set differently. If I change the permissions to Everyone than they can access it but the issue if I set the permission on folder level I shouldn't be doing this? what is the piece of puzzle that i'm missing?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


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More info

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Security in Windows XP

What are the permissions on the subfolders that can't be accessed?

When you set the permissions on the top level folders, do you take the Advanced option to reset permissions on all subordinate folders and files?

Setting permissions to allow "Everyone" access is a very bad idea. You should create a group containing the names of your users, and then allow the group access to the files. "Everyone" is a major security hole.

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by entawanabi In reply to Security in Windows XP

Your User Name/Password Authorities are not arranged correctly is what I was taught in school, how to get it straighttenned out is at the perrsoenl Department or with the comptroller.

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Workgroup or Directory

by tfordii In reply to Security in Windows XP

First off it would be beneficial to know if the "small network" has a server with a directory service on it or are you just doing workgroup.

From your question I'm guessing that you're using a workgroup. In this case you would have to create the users on each computer and turn off simple file sharing.


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Workgroup or Directory

by tfordii In reply to Security in Windows XP

By the way, if you have a workgroup and you're using simple file sharing with everyone and your Internet connection is cable, that's a real problem if you did not change the default workgroup.

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Win XP Security

by n.u.r.v. In reply to Security in Windows XP

Hi M, Which version of xp are you using, home or pro & are you running FAT or NTFS?

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More information

by m_siddiquie In reply to Security in Windows XP

Thank you guys for your valuable responses to provide some more information so it's XP Pro Sp2 IBM machines. And I don't have a server its the network resources are shared on workgroup. I know it's not a good idea to open access for everyone but based on the users and accessibility to network it's ok for now.

What I was saying that if you check on the folder level the permissions are set for everyone, sub folder permissions everyone, but under subfolder on some files not all the files i.e. word document permission set for 2 users, which no one set it up?

Hopefully now you guys understand my question better.


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by tfordii In reply to More information

Several questions to better understand the problem. Are you saying no one setup the users or are you saying the users did not change the permissions.

If your saying no one setup the users, could you provide the usernames your talking about. If your talking about users that were created then take the following into consideration:

After creating a new user XP will ask if you want to make the files private. If the user answers yes, then that would explain it.

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