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Security issues and mobile devices

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Has your organization experienced security issues with mobile devices? Tell us about those issues and what steps you took to resolve them, as discussed in this week's Wireless e-newsletter.

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Mobile Device Policy

by Gary M. In reply to Security issues and mobil ...

These devices, whilst extreamly convenient can be a security nightmare. Issues such as what information can be downloaded to these devices, can personal rather than company issued devices connect to the company network, what o/s systems should be allowed, what devices will we support, synchronisation software, backups,etc,etc. The issues seem endless. We have actually suspended the purchase of PDA's whilst we create a Mobile Device Security Policy. Without severly limiting the use of these devices it is impossible to enforce rules and regulations. We have therefore taken the approach to issue guidlines and encourage the use of personal devices. We also reserve the right to 'audit' devices if used for company business. Disaplinary actions are clearly cited.

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Need for a worst case analysis

by puneetg In reply to Mobile Device Policy

You are right. Infact lot of technology managers that I have talked to have raised many issues including those that you have rightly raised. While the issues may seem endless, the important this to analyze is "what kind and part of corporate information" that you want to be accessable to your mobile users and "what is the worst case scenario" if security get's compromised. This will give a very good understanding of the kind of security level you should be looking at. Some time such analysis may indicate the risk involved in case security gets compromised due to some reason is "Low" given the small part "or not so sensitive" part of corporate information that is made available for mobile device accees. Such analysis may solve the "securitynighmare" problem to a large extent. Infact this is the first piece of advice I give to technology managers in any case related to information security.

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