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    Security Log


    by cmdx2 ·

    After configuring Windows 2000 Server, I was unable to monitor access to the server in the security log. How can I configure to monitor?

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      Security Log

      by beermonster ·

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      You don’t say what your setup is, IE is the server in a domain, standalone a dc etc.. The only difference this makes is where to make the changes. For a standalone server, choose start \ run and type mmc to open the management console. select console \ add remove snap in. from the list select group policy, and when asked set focus to local. expand the gpo and select computer configuration \ windows settings \ security settings \ local policies \ audit policy. make your changes here. If your server is a domain member, or dc, then you can make the changes at the domain level by editing the gpo for the container the server is in. if you only want the changes applied locally, bear in mind that any changes subsequently made at the domain levelwill overwrite local settings.

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