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Security of information

By john.a.wills ·
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There is a discussion in the main forum about the security of Cloud-stored information. But I wonder how relevant it is. I do not have my most secret thoughts on my PC. It is just possible that someone might, by struggling through a lot of to him thoroughly uninteresting stuff, find a password stored in an email, but it might well be obsolete or temporary. I do not show everyone the letters I write to other people, and I suppose there might be some embarrassment if someone did read some of them, but even in private letters I am often elliptical about potentially embarrassing matters.

Who is interested in the drafts of things whose final version is on my website? Who cares just when my niece is getting married? Is a lot of privacy effort pointless?

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John while you personally may not need to worry

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Security of information

It doesn't mean that others are in the same position as you.

For instance modern Journalist's wouldn't like to have articles that they submit being tracked for all the changes that are made in them. I'm not thinking here about spooling mistakes and there are plenty of those, there have been numerous cases where a nes article is found in a foreign paper, are downloaded and then slightly altered and resubmitted to their publication by journalist's. Or the old standard of school kids goggling something for homework and coping and pasting the listings in their entirety. Those are easy to pick out but if the teachers could track the changes they may find that their best students are just a bit more clever and remove the Wikipedia listings from that whey are submitting as homework.

As for Photos today there isn't a new phone without a camera and most of those are on the higher resolution end with a minimum of 5 Meg Pixels and software focusing so there output is very good. Kids today and by that I mean most people who use these things have enabled their iCloud or equivalent so whenever they take a photo it gets uploaded to their Cloud Storage and shared across all devices that they own. So it's not so much a matter of Private Photos but every photo that they take being available. Just how many young kids have taken photos of themselves in compromising positions and shared them with their friends?

People are people and expecting them not to do something because to you it;s stupid is pointless they are going to do idiot things because they where funny at the time or it's expected of them by their fiends. Just how many have been caught for criminal activity because they have posted themselves doing it on U Tube?

Are the youngsters who are underage Sex Offenders because a girl sends her boyfriend a photo of her Brest's? By todays law they are if both are underage but they are hardly sexual predators. Just stupid people. Youngsters learn by their mistakes it's just today that they also have to live forever with those same mistakes.

People are people and you really shouldn't expect great ideas from them all the time. You need to protect them from their own stupidity.


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Right on Col --- and wasn't there some hubbub recently...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Security of information

with some random people's photos being leaked?

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welcome back, Ansu NT

by john.a.wills In reply to Right on Col --- and wasn ...

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