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    Security of open source Android on SONY Xperia smartphone


    by imeek ·

    I really am quite taken by Sony’s Xperia series smartphones, but I don’t like Android, given how it’s parent company makes it’s money.

    Sony offer the opportunity to install the open source version that they use for the smartphone and I would like to know the security implications of that. I don’t expect it to be audited, and I am not going to sift through all of the code myself, but it’s removed a hurdle for me and now I don’t know what to do ?

    ref :

    Yes I like open source, as it is harder to hide malicious code, but how to check for it ?

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      First you have to define what you mean by secure.

      by rproffitt ·

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      Most of us won’t be checking the code for malicious code, but hey let’s chat about that. Such work is done by a lot of people. Not just one. By making it open source, many can look it over but once in a while someone wants to do their own checks. This is possible but by the time you read it all you find that years have passed and you get to start on the now current version.

      Second, some call the system where you log into Sony, Google, Apple to sync data malicious so again we have to know what you call malicious. Would the usual Facebook be malicious as to your data?

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