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Security offerings from TechRepublic

By Paul Baldwin ·
TechRepublic is developing new ways to offer our security management content. What topics and resources would you like to see?
We?ve been thinking about packaging content to include downloads, articles, books and CDs, charts, spreadsheets, PDFs on:
1) Tacking IT assets;
2) Risk analysis;
3) Implementing security practices;
4) Monitoring for violations.
What else would you add or delete? Share your suggestions with us, and we'll work to include them when we roll out this new product.


Paul Baldwin
Senior Editor

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Include Content Management

by ShortArmOfJustice In reply to Security offerings from T ...

I work in local government where a H.S. Diploma isn't required for most (and some are high level) employees, decisions are based on who has the most political clout, partisan or what employees/unions whine about. Most get click happy (especially on the Internet), spend significant time doing recreational surfing, tend to "test the limits" and any type of self or formal discipline is disregarded. Here... the Internal threat coupled with the belief that all Government bodies have unlimited wealth (sure we can tax, but we are taking money out of the mouths of those that elect the officials so that doesn't work well) and because many services we use/purchase are low cost and are based on good faith we are ripe for the picking and self-destructive.

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by AnIT In reply to Security offerings from T ...

The writer of this article is right: 'Many don't & can't understand the flaws, so the messenger ends up being the 'scape goat'.

I am a mainframe programmer w/ over 13 years experience in software developement and support. I can't seem to get across to the decision makers that this experience is valuable, especially when I've been responsible for finding so many exploits in past jobs. One of the biggest issues of finding problems is revealing them & getting them fixed before the problems are exploited (or stop the exploits from continuing).

Most problems are know by IT people but id'ing these problems is setting your self up to be the 'scape goat'.

Suggestions on the process of revealing the exploits would be more helpful than how to id them & setting up an environment that encourages these problems is the only way to solve this problem.

I have over 10 years experience in the construction industry-only where a forum for issues to be aired is implemented is the construction site safe & productive. IT needs to change the processes of software development.

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don't remove - Monitoring for Violations

by ShortArmOfJustice In reply to Security offerings from T ...

In local Government there are multiple bosses that tend to only look inside the box and we have too much confidential material. And too many Internal threats without having to continually worry about the next External threat.

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