Security on remapped folders

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I have bought a new PC with a Solid State drive (C Drive) and a 2tb harddrive (D Drive). I've successfully remapped the main library folders (Documents, Pictures, Downloads etc.) on to the larger harddrive (D drive) to free up the SSD(C Drive). I've also done this to the other user account on the computer.

My issue is that both users have access to the files and folders of the other user. Is there a way to reapply that security that originally existed?
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Folder Permissions

by James330i In reply to Security on remapped fold ...

- You need to review the current Security permissions.
- Are the user accounts both administrators (members of the administrators group)?
- Have you moved each library to the secondary disk in the way shown in the snip?
- What is the folder structure for each user? For example, "D:\User1\Documents\"
- When you say "remapped" have you mapped the folders to a drive letter?
- You can check the permissions on each folder by right clicking and selecting properties. You will see a list of users and groups like this imagine . The level of security is shown when you click on a user or group in the lower part of the window.
- This image outline what each security permission level does .
- You can amend the security permissions from the top level of what each user should access. For example if the file paths are "D:\User1\Library" and "D:\User2\Library", you can change the permissions on the Userx folder to Userx only.
- You may encounter a message regarding inheritance. You can convert the current permissions into explicit permissions, then you will be able to make changes to the Userx folder.

Hope this helps. Fire any questions back to me.

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