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Security problem?

By Midho ·
I have a home network connected with SMC 5616DS EZ Hub 10/100, which is connected to AT&T Plug&Share Router. Network is connected to the internet via cable modem. Router firewall is disabled. Every PC is behind Zone Alarm firewall. Today, I noticed another network under Microsoft Windows Network. I don't remember setting up another network (especially with the name "4"). "View workgroup computers" shows only computers that are on my LAN. Is there any way to delete this network? Also, i'm wondering if someone hacked into my PC (how do I find out for sure?)?
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Security problem?

Firstly that connection most likely appeared after you applied a Windows Update so it is unlikely that the system has been hacked.

But I would enable the router so you have a Hardware level of protection as most of these use a Nix of some description so they are far harder to crack than the humble Zone Alarm which has a multitude of hacks for it available to those who are interested in hacking systems.

The only way to be totally sure that you have a secure computer is not to have any means to actually turn it on there are always trades off involved when it comes to security vs usability so the security gets left by the way side and the usability gets first preference. But to check that things have not got out of hand enable the router and block all outgoing ports that are not enabled in Zone Alarm and that should tell you if there are any attempts at outgoing transmissions. While you are at it update the Routers Firmware as well just to be on the safe side.


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by kkelly_79 In reply to Security problem?

what you could also do, since your using wireless router is to turn off your wireless SSID (use browser config if you can), this prevents your wireless connection to be broadcast outside your home network, and also turn off your mac filter (if your not using a laptop for outside connection) simple, and this should prevent you from sharing connection to your neighbor. hope this helps

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by Midho In reply to

But how do I delete that "4" connection?
Thanks in advance

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