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    security settings


    by ali_azmi82 ·

    HI, i want to download real player with flash but it alerts me that the security settings donot allow this file to be download. so i need help how to do it.


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      by ali_azmi82 ·

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      Ermm … What exactly is ” it ” ? …

      by older mycroft ·

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      TR is not famed for its psychic powers so WE don’t know what YOU have got.

      Machine, Operating System. We can’t tell what they are. 😉

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      Internet Explorer?

      by jellimonsta ·

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      Things really depend here on what the System you are using is connected to

      by oh smeg ·

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      If it part of a Business Domain it’s quite likely that this is set this way to preserve the Security of the Business and prevent any of the End Users from installing or Downloading Programs like Real Player which can compromise the Security Model of the business.

      If it is a Home Stand Alone computer the Web Browsers Security Settings are set too high to allow you to download the program. If this is the case you’ll need to look in the Security Settings of your Web Browser if it is IE that is under Tools and then Internet Options in the Drop Down Menu.

      If the computer that you are using here was once part of a Business Domain the IT Department has set the Security Policies and when the system was removed from the Domain they have stayed put. If this is the case you’ll need to either reload the system with the OS and Software that you use or if possible have a talk to the IT Department who originally setup this computer and get them to change things. If you can create a New User Account you may be able to sidestep the Security but if the computer was correctly configured you’ll not be able to create a new User Account.

      I hope that is of some assistance to you.


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