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Security: Sham or Not ?

By Gate keeper ·
I sometimes read som security papers, forums & discussions. I havenoticed a few interesting things with regards to security

Security experts often talk about (with disdain) 'Security Theatre' and 'Secuirty by obscurity'

an example for each would be: (keep in mind this is from a home-user point of view)

a) security theatre:- securing your home-wireless network with WEP is not secure but how about setting your SSID to "Virus" or something similar to 'maybe' deter the neighbors kids who otherwise would crack it 'just for fun'.

b) security by obscurity:- hiding a folder with porn, in 10 levels of folders with obscure & long names.

if you are a simple home user & do not have the expertise in implementing public/private key encryption systems or do not want to go through the learning curve .. do you think these measures are sufficient ?

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