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    Security Solutions: Logon authentication


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    In this week’s Security Solutions TechMail column, Mike Mullins addresses the Windows NT and Win2K logon authentication schemes for domains that still contain NT domain controllers. Have you had problems with authentication from geographically separated clients? Are your clients and servers still using the default LAN Manager hash for sending and storing passwords? Share your experiences here.

    Here are the links to the Microsoft resources mentioned in Michael Mullins’ column:

    – How to Disable LM Authentication on Windows NT (147706):;en-us;147706

    – New Registry Key to Remove LM Hashes from Active Directory and Security Account Manager (299656):;en-us;299656

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    If you’d like to learn more about the Security Solutions TechMail, point to this link and click Security Solutions to see a sample. Ifyou’re interested, you can also sign up:

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      If I do this???

      by netadmin ·

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      If I do this on my DC’s, will I have to immediately do it on the PC’s? Or will they still authenitcate? What if I miss a pc, will it still authenitcate?



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