Security Steps you need to take to protect your organization from Attacks

By pratapmentis ·
Keep All Your Software Updated
Don't Use Simple Passwords
Be Aware of Suspicious Emails
Be Aware of Unknown Websites
Anti-Virus Protection
Use Multi-Factor Authentication if possible
Employee Cyber Security Training
Use Trusted Cloud
Data Encryption or Data masking your Sensitive Data

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Steps to prevent your organization from hackers

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Security Steps you need t ...

What is on the mind of a hacker? Theft? No, it is not the only thing! Destruction is a major thing. Hackers just destroy your reputation and you can never repair the damage done by a hacker, but you can surely take steps to prevent it like:
• Always stay updated.
• Use user names and passwords that cannot be guessed
• Apply network security.
• Install a firewall.
• Install security applications.
• Hide admin pages.
• file uploads should be limited.
• Use SSL on your website.
• Don’t use form auto-fill.
• Always Back-up your data.

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by peoplesofterp2020 In reply to Security Steps you need t ...

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks
Limit Employee Access to Your Data & Information.
Install Surge Protectors & Uninterruptible Power Supplies.
Patch Your Operating Systems & Software Regularly.
Install & Activate Software and Hardware Firewalls.
Secure All Wireless Access Points & Networks.
Set up Web & Email Filters.

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by Naheed Mir In reply to Security Steps you need t ...

Yes, you are right. The steps mentioned by you can help us to protect our organizations from cyber attacks. I will add:
1. Ensuring that the lock icon is present in the website address bar
2. Changing passwords regularly
3. Update always your OS

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Understand how hackers obtain data- then prevent data breach

by patriciaslucia In reply to Security Steps you need t ...

There are some really good lists on this thread to help protect your organization from attacks.

The first method would be to find out how hackers obtain data. It can include phishing, which is one of the main ways of getting attacked. However, if you keep outdated software or firmware this can also give a hacker the opportunity to come in through the vulnerabilities that are not patched up.

Link to more information removed by moderator for spamming.

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Best Practices for Prevention

by patriciaslucia In reply to Security Steps you need t ...

Some best practices for prevention can include:
some of those mentioned above and
- Security awareness training
- Software Restriction Policies
- Spam filtering
- DNS protection
there are more available under best practices for prevention of ransomware
Security awareness training is a must, however that alone will not prevent your organization from attacks especially as there are more working from home at the moment.

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