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By Email.MajorPayne ·
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Seems every time I click on one of your download links I get warned about a possible security problem. Quote: "The URL or program you are trying to access appears to contain malware or exploits. Malware can harm your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a website that hosts malware may infect your computer." Don't tell me to disable it. I think you should fix the problem so no warnings are given for us dummies who are not as smart as you guys.

Another peeve is that some of your links lead to nowhere other than something like for Site Help & Feedback goes to Why?

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Which downloads?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Security Warnings

You mentioned some downloads throw the malware error - can you provide a url please? Also, what program is throwing these errors?

Now for the second question, these links:

You should see a drop down that asks for "site" you will need to select "TechRepublic" Once it has been set, it will remember what you selected next time you click on it from this site. It is cookie/cached based so if you clear them, you will have to select which site you want to provide feedback for.

- Tammy
Community Manager, ZDNet/TechRepublic

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