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By jeff ·
I have been searching past posts here and elsewhere but have not quite found my answer. I paid a pro to get data off my old laptop HD but stuff was left behind. I am trying to hook it up to a desk with an adapter. It does not show up in My Computer, but does in BIOS (un-known device) and Disk Manager (no assigned letter, healthy(active), 60G, etc.)

Any tips to getting it the rest of the way? BTW this is about the extend of my knowledge and tech lingo, so simple, clear english would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!!


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What where you told by the person who you paid

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to seeing harddrive

To recover your data about what was missing?

It's possible that the HDD has died and needs special attention to get the remaining data back, or it could be something as simple as the new OS that you have is incapable of reading the contents of that Partition.

So if you are trying to recover a Win 98 Data on a XP machine and the Win 98 HDD had a FAT16 Partition the XP machine will be unable to read it as it can only read FAT 32 and NTFS Partitions.

If you could mention the OS's that where on each computer the old one and the one that you are using now that would help and at the same time what type of adaptor are you using a 2.5 to 3.5 inch Adaptor or a USB Caddy?


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more info

by jeff In reply to What where you told by th ...

Hey Col,

Thanks so much for stepping up. Both machines run XP. I have been using a straight 2.5 to 3.5 adapter. I now have a USB enclosure on order and will try that.

He thought he got everything important I guess. I am missing a nice set of fotos I had in a folder on the desktop, all my music from A to L for some reason, a couple other bits.

One possible clue: he claimed he had all kinds of password(?) issues or some other such problem accessing. I am not sure why the harddrive would be bad (relatively new and not the source of the laptop problem that forced the move to the new machine).

thanks again, Jeff

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Jeff the problem here could be that the NB took out the Drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to more info

Or at the very least damaged the MBR's so that it's unreadable.

But you might like to try this Data Recovery Program from X Ways called Davory available here

It is capable of recovering all the file types that you mentioned though not in a fast manner but I supposing that it's no longer possible to use something like On Tracks Easy Recovery reliably and besides that's expensive at somewhere around the 1.2K US D mark. Davory on the other hand is about 40 Euros and easy to use though some what slower but it will pickup all the files that you listed though if you where using Windows File Encryption there could be severe problems involved.

Basically what you always need to do with any data recovery software is to read the drive with the data on it but write everything found to a different drive so that there is no chance of overwriting any existing data as this makes things horrendously expensive to get back.

With Davory if you know the Files name you can search for just that file or you can perform a search by File Type and the software will recover everything with that file extension to wherever you want it saved to. I always setup a temp folder called something like Recovery 1 and then sub Folders with the File Types as the names so foe Word Documents it would be called DOC, for Adobe Files it would be called PDF and so on. This just makes recovering things easier though not fast as doing it this way will result in recovering the files without names or Date Stamps so say you have 1,000 JPG files you'll get th files names as 0.jpg through to 999.jpg in that JPG Folder then you'll have to sort through thee delete any damaged or incomplete files and then rename then as you get time. But for important stuff it will pick it up easily and not be much bother as you can l;eave it running in the background and not notice to much of a performance hit while you continue working.

Things like E-Mail is easy to pick up as you just tell the program to recover the file called In Box.PSD for Outlook or In Box.pst for Outlook Express and then continue through all the different folders in your E-Mail Client.

Music and other data files are harder and take much more time to recover and then rename but it's doable and provided that it's only your time involved it's not going to cost you a lot of money though it's going to take a lot of time.

Yes I know that X Ways Win Hex is better but unless you know Hex inside out live & Breath Hex you'll do far more harm than good and it will end up costing you much more to attempt to recover the data.

You can download the trial version of Davory and see if it actually works on your Drive but it will only you to recover the first 200 K of any file but it will at the very least show what is available on the drive. If that's too slow you might like to try Stella available from here

It to has a trial version available and while I've heard some great reviews of this I've also heard some others that where not so praising but it may be worth a try as if it works in this case it just might save you a bit of time and effort.



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