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Seeing other machines on a wireless network

By sohowv ·
I have a wireless network and all my computers access the internet just fine but they cannot see each other. Any suggestions?

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Can you ping the machines?

by jmgarvin In reply to Seeing other machines on ...

click start->run then type cmd

now type ping

foo being the IP address of the machine you want to see.

Also make sure all the machines are on the same subnet and you aren't blocking on the machines firewall...

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Ping response

by sohowv In reply to Can you ping the machines ...

The machines are showing up on my network places list but I cannot access them. I can ping the machines ok. I keep getting a message I don't have permission but all the file sharing is on, the drives are shared, and I jsut don't know what else to do. This is the same situation with both machines I'm trying to see.

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by CG IT In reply to Seeing other machines on ...

by default during install, all computers belong to the workgroup named workgroup. This is a security boundry for individual computers. To share resources between computers on the lan, one sets up a peer to peer network. To do this you join each computer to the same workgroup [which is not the default installed workgroup]. If you navigate start control panel and click on the system Icon, the systems property pages are shown. Click on the Computer Name tab to open the computer name properties page which is where you can join a domain. Instead of a domain you join a workgroup. Just rename the workgroup from workgroup to something else and join each computer to that workgroup. Reboot each computer after the changes. They will all now belong to the same workgroup. Each computer should now be listed in the My Network Neighborhood.

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Peer tpo Peer

by sohowv In reply to workgroups

I tried that and they still do no see each other. I hooked up my Vista machine and it does see the others but they don't see it, or each other.

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i know what u mean

by DownRightTired In reply to Seeing other machines on ...

Ive run into this problem several times at my home, now unfortunately Im running into it at work and can not figure it out. One thing ive found that works sometimes is to go in and add a network place and put in the physical name, ie // . The fact that this works alot of times makes me think a netbios problem?

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