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Seeking advice and suggestions...

By azul ·
I have been working in the tech field for almost five years and have come to the realization that I have gone as far as I am going to go on my current path.

Currently I do teir 2 support for hardware/software and networking issues for end users. I have been working on earning my MCSE but I have less and less intrest in doing that.

I have played around with HTML some and have been thinking about web development for a while. Web design and web app. development is more appealing than anything else right now.

Self guided study is the only open avenue at this point. I am looking for advice and suggestions on where/how to start and for recomendation of resources.

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Resource wise your best start is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Seeking advice and sugges ...

As far as getting a job goes, you need to get some sites up and running. Set yourself up a testbed with web servers on it. IIS and apache.

Then use your ISP to get your own site up and running and use it as an advert.

Do some free/low cost work, local community bits, shops, interest groups, these can be your adverts too.

You'll probably want to 'play' for a bit, and you'll want some of each to earn your corn, but you might want to find out whether you are interested in content or presentation.

The former you are going to have to pick up XML/XSL and Databases. Either way server side scripting is a must ASP and PHP at a minimum.

You've a lot of interesting fun ahead of you.

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by jdmercha In reply to Seeking advice and sugges ...

One of the best places to start learning is:

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do a search in versus monster for

by coffee junky In reply to Seeking advice and sugges ...

do a search in versus monster for what you would like to do... other than winning the lottery and becoming a beach bum.

look at the skills sought - some are over the top, this one
Basic Qualifications:
# 6 years of technical experience in IT and Broadband Media.
# Bachelors of Science in a technological related field required.
# Digital Video: 2 years understanding of digital video compression codecs, file systems, and archive systems including streaming technologies.
# Server Engineering: 4 years experience with advanced knowledge of Storage Area Networks, H/A disk arrays, NAS, Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems, Clustering technologies from Oracle, Redhat, Veritas, and MS, General UNIX IP service management (Sendmail, FTP, SSL, Apache)
# Enterprise Services: 4 years experience with Services Oriented Architecture (SOA), strong working knowledge of JAVA, C++, C, BASH, PERL, PHP. Solid understanding of Internet Networking protocols (TCP, UDP, IP, IP Tunneling) Functional and load testing tools such as Mercury.


# Proven ability to produce salient documentation, and comprehensive analysis backed up by data and testing. Qualified design engineer for enterprise technology services and solutions including internet/intranet operations. Direct background in software development and delivering large applications in fault tolerant environments. Hands on experience in systems engineering, and data networking. Prior work experience in very short cycle environments, such as, on-air television, broadband. Proven ability to diagnose detailed technical application, infrastructure and IP network issues. Proven ability to diagnose detailed technical application, infrastructure and IP network issues.
# Versed in piracy risk and the options around certificate based digital rights management (DRP), watermarking and editing software.. Additionally a detailed understanding of CSS and ripping audio and video key. Video editing experience. Ground up hardware installation and configuration with respect to Video Encoding. Hands on working experience with popular encoding software (Digital Rapids, Sorensen, etc)
# Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification.

Technical Focus:
# Digital Video Encoding; MPEG-4, H.264, On2VP6, Digital Rapids
# Digital Audio Encoding; AMR, AAC, MP3, QCLP
# Streaming Media Technologies; RTP, RTSP, RTMP, MMS
# Video Compression Algorithms
# Video Movement (CDNs and traffic management)
# Streaming Protocols, file formats, viewers and rates
# Enterprise software development and development
# Network compression, Quality of Service
# PDAs and Mobile Devices
# Set-top VOD, PDRs, PVRs
# Peer to Peer Data Transmission (BitTorrent), Copper, UDP transports in general GE is an equal opportunity employer, offering a great work environment, challenging career opportunities, professional training and competitive compensation.

I applied for this spot with less than a third of it - agent told half of it was not needed,

this is my software:
SOFTWARE: Microsoft: C, C++, Office, Excel, Outlook, Power point, Word, Project Manager, Visio, Adobe: Acrobat, Newtek, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sonic: DVDit Pro 6, eDVD, and Recorder.

no web? they want someone to tune a web app? they are doing mashups, ajax, flash, and the latest web technologies - to my surprise - my agent called they want to interview me

microsoft cert in a valuable asset go for it, include in it leading edge technologies

good luck

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Good Resource

by blckspder In reply to Seeking advice and sugges ...

A very good resource for learning the world of web development is:

I started using that site back in high school and now I am finishing up my Bachelors Degree and working for a small corporation as their web programmer.

The future is Web Programming. A lot of companies are trying to set up systems that can be accessed anywhere. For example: My dept. has set up an online control panel to manage all of our projects, trouble tickets and tasks and we can access this anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser.

Hope the site helps.

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The handwritting on the wall is displayed in a browser

by azul In reply to Good Resource

I have been looking around at the jobs that are avertised in my area and everything is WEB______, SQL, ASP, PHP...

Recently all our nifty tools were taken away when we migrated from W2K to XP and now we have all these homemade tools similar to what you are talking about. The people in that department are all making a lot more money than me.

Are you/your company using PHP, SQL? Are any of your servers running Unix/Linux? Do you run Oracle? It appears everything is moving to web based platforms utilizing some version of SQL in some way.

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by blckspder In reply to The handwritting on the w ...

The company I work for has a website which now utilizes PHP and MySQL and Our intra net will soon be utilizing Postgrese. We currently run Windows Server 2003 as our main file server and we have our intra net on there but there will soon be a change with that and we are looking at moving to a Linux box with Apache, Postgrese and PHP.
Our intra net as of now consists of a "IT Control Panel". This is a custom thing we built using PHP and MySQL to manage our trouble tickets, tasks and projects. Once its complete and moved to Linux and Postgrese it should be pretty cool.
Overall web based is the way to go in my opinion.

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Another question....

by azul In reply to PHP/SQL

A coworker directed me to PHP fusion. To set up and install I need to set up mySQL. Is there a free version of this that I can download?
I set up a Linux box with the intent of setting up SQL but I am a complete Linux nube.

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by blckspder In reply to Another question....

MySQL and Postgres are both free


Linux should already have either MySQL or Postgres with it, in some cases both.. You just have to install them. But they are usually packaged with most versions of Linux Distributions.

WAMP is also available

This is for windows but its everything you need. I used this on my PC at work to test my web apps locally as I'm building them.

Let me know if you need anymore help. I have added you to my contacts list.

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Learn more about technologies and make your mind

by zbatia In reply to Seeking advice and sugges ...

There is always something exciting in every IT area. Try to become an expert in some of the technologies/applications. For instance, I found Microsoft SharePoint technology exciting even considering my IT experience in Computer Networking (more than 15 years). Today, employers require multiple skills, so, your web design skills will be helpful as they were helpful to me on the numerous occasions. The question: to certify/not to certify is a tough one. My personal opinion that all those certification mostly benefit those who designed them (see my article at RTEK 2000 web site: However, if you can add some of the letters after your last name, it can be a plus.
Learn more technologies, and make your mind. Read the following web pages: Good luck!

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