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    Seeking advice on software RAID 1 or 10 (or equivalent) data bak solution

    by johnwmck15783428317 ·

    Use case summary:

    Home user.

    Very poor at backing up data.

    Aiming for external plug n play drive array functionality rather than NAS.

    Like concept of RAID 1 or RAID10.

    Seeking an SSD solution.

    Seeking file storage capacity of at least 4TB.

    Most probably focus on Samsung SSD as have read various places that are the most reliable.

    Trying to keep costs down so focussing on software (rather than hardware) controller solution to storage devices whether RAID or equivalent setup. Accepting though that SSD device option will be more expensive than HDDs — form factor physical size savings of SSDs preferred.

    Multiple laptop / notebook devices to backup – one is Windows 8.1, the rest are Windows 10.

    Have read of Windows ‘Storage Space’ feature, which seems to be a software equivalent of sorts to RAID.

    Aiming to be able to plug n play the disk array set into any one of the devices to be backed up, and then enable backup to occur.

    Solution needs to be reasonable straight forward to configure, and once configured, easy plug n play of the disks array pluggable as needed across the various data backup source devices.

    Besides the SSD array software controller solution, looking then also to having free, preferably open source, backup software installed on each Windows device to enable backup task management from each source device. This software needs to have solid data encryption capability in free version. Aiming to backup drive folders rather than take a whole disk image.

    Other notes and questions:

    I have done considerable searching on the Internet regarding SSD array controller solutions, though have not resolved a clear understanding of available solutions and how they are applied. I am also not well versed in IT space. Keen to learn though.

    If money was not a constraint, I would go straight to a RAID 1 or 10 hardware controller solution.

    I also presume that will need to use some sort of a disks array case / cabinet. No clue though on how would physically connect up multiple SSD’s as part of a RAID 1 or 10 (or equivalent) array software-controlled solution. Is it as simple as plugging the array SSD’s into a USB-C hub and then plugging that into the data source device?

    Any tips on free (preferably open source) encrypted backup software also most welcome.

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      Re: backup

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Seeking advice on software RAID 1 or 10 (or equivalent) data bak solution

      Please realise that it’s best to store one of your backup copies off-site (that is: not near your computers), so you’re protected against theft and acts of god like fire.

      Why a RAID array in stead of just a few 4 TB disks to copy to?

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      Let me share my current backup system.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Seeking advice on software RAID 1 or 10 (or equivalent) data bak solution

      1. A pair of 2TB USB 3.0 HDDs. These are never encrypted as I do not want to impede restoration of content or take any chance the backups are lost due to a decrypt failure.

      2. A few USB memory sticks.

      3. Some miscellaneous files up on Dropbox.

      The USB drives are kept in a security cabinet.

      Cost? Today about 150USD?

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