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Seeking Honest Answer about Tech Support jobs

By unit1911whit ·
Look, cut the BS and be serious for a minute. I have been in Netware and NT Admin, Help Desk and LAN/Server/PC Support and Troubleshooting for over 15 years now. I had some great times and some great salary and benefits. But my last job of 7 years I have been laid-off from and now I have a Technical Support job for half of what I used to make. I never had to drive to a customer location but now 1 to 2 days a week, I am at a customer location for support.

I never received a certification for anything, I have been doing fines, as in comfortable work and salary. However, recently I have noticed that Tech/Desktop support jobs advertised want people with A+ certification and the salary is ameasley $28,000/year?????

WTF!!!!!!!!! What has happened to this industry? Salaries are lower. No more full-time positions. Your employer is some IT support firm for other companies. You are a 1099 employee. You don't get any benefits. And they want A+ cert or a MSCD/MSCE certification?

I have seen the slow degredation of this industry for the last several years, but it has finally hit the bottom. Why the **** would I spend 4 years of college for an IT degree for a $28K/year job? Or why would I spent all the time and money for certs for a $35K/year job? Jesus Christ, I should go back to school and become a registered nurse or an x-ray technician. I am a jackass for staying in this field for so long.

I have interviewed for fulltime positions and it consulting shops, I have seen jobs advertised on careerbuilder, monster and craigslist. I can't believe the jobs that exist today and the lack of pay and lack of benefits. Can anyone else back me up on this? Is it only the Philadelphia metro area or what about the rest of the country.

Only several years back, you could make an okay living in this field. Not today, not from what I have seen. Tech Support jobs from mid 30K to low 40K with certs and experience? Entry level at mid 25K? This is BS. How the **** is anyone suppose to pay rent and pay utilites and pay for a car and car insurance? College degree for this? Certs out the butt for this. C'mon for chrissake!

Screw the whole IT field! I leaving this f******* field. This is BS. It has gotten to a point that this field is like working at an Enterprise Rent a Car shop. What the **** difference is my job from working in the men's department of a store? At least I get a discount working at a retail store.

There's no more manufacturing jobs. There is no more good paying service jobs. And now most IT jobs are like working at Target or Walmart.

I spent 5 years in the USMC Reserves for this country? Screw this country! What kind of BS is this? You know what, if the Russians are ever able to invade us, I won't care. If the Chinese are ever able to invade us, I won't care either.

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I'm not sure that you are, really

by drowningnotwaving In reply to Seeking Honest Answer abo ...

... you seem to have all the answers already.

I can't resist - which political party do you normally vote for?

{Sorry - stick around here and you'll find that this is not as rude a question as you may ever be asked}.

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LivePC Help

by chad In reply to Seeking Honest Answer abo ...


You've been in this field for a while now, of which I am sure you've seen allot of scenarios playout.

At the same time, providing support can be exciting, helping users get the most out of the technology in our daily lives. But, it can be hard times when users do not appreciate the help due to their own personal agenda.

Therefore, you need a team which can bring excitement back to the job during these tough times. Which sounds like your excitement and passion have all but dissapeared.

We provide LivePC Help, which is connecting with users using our remote access technologies. No on-site visits, as we can get to users anywhere and feel that most items can be resolved without going on-site.

Since we made this switch, it actually brings more satisfaction to us and the end users. Which has been very cool, no we can employ people from anywhere and they can work from virtually anywhere. This also brings back the passion, as now your talent works for you and giving back that freedom which can be lost in this field.

Take a look at what brings you excitement and what is really driving you 'crazy', as we all can feel at times. The answers will come, maybe it's time for a new career challenge or reshape the areas which are not so much 'fun'!

I hope this helps, as I have been through the rough and built a new career while building on existing talents. Bringing back the passion once lost and new excitement for a much more fulfilling lifestyle.

Have fun, life is too short to pass by...


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*** Shrug ***

by jkameleon In reply to Seeking Honest Answer abo ...

> Tech Support jobs from mid 30K to low 40K with certs and experience? Entry level at mid 25K? This is BS.

That's the new IT industry salary standard: The world minimum wage (including Somalia, Sudan, Cote-d'Ivoire and Kosovo) plus outsourcing expenses. I can see no reason why should it be any higher.

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