Seeking ML-1710 driver for Vista

By Healer ·
I have installed Windows 7 on my computer but I couldn't get a driver for my ML-1710 Samsung Laser Printer. I tried the driver for XP it wouldn't install. I tried the driver for Vista, Windows 7 wouldn't let the process run its course. I phoned Samsung support they told me they didn't know when the driver for Windows 7 would be available and asked me to try Vista driver. Unfortunately the Vista driver I have comes packaged in an executable file which Windows 7 wouldn't let it run its course. I wonder where I could get all those files loose. When we add a printer and have disk the system always looks for an information file (*.inf).

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Certified Drivers Download

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Seeking ML-1710 driver fo ...
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Driver files only wanted not executable application

by Healer In reply to Certified Drivers Downloa ...

Thanks for your help!
Firstly, I don't want to unnecessarily install this sort of executable software on my computer. I just want the driver files. Secondly, my system is Windows 7, not XP nor Vista.

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Well, as the saying goes "When in Rome ..." ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Driver files only wanted ...

"Do As The Romans Do" - just in case you are not familiar with the phrase.

Seriously though, has it not crossed your mind to simply unpack the self-extracting file in the OS it was designed for?

Run it in a PC running Vista, then copy the extracted files onto a thumb drive. You can then stick the thumb drive into the Windows 7 PC. :)

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I did do something like that.

by Healer In reply to Well, as the saying goes ...

It wasn't a zip file or anything like that.
I installed it on a Vista system and went to the C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3 and copied all the files to the same directory in the Windows 7 system but no luck. There was no information file or anything like that. Anyway, I phoned Samsung again today for similar request and I was told the drivers for Windows 7 were available. It was an executable file again. I downloaded them and installed them. The printer now works fine. I thank all your kindness and talking with me.

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Or - don't bother going to Rome ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Driver files only wanted ...

Does your system have the hardware capability to run Windows XP MODE inside Windows 7 ?

Run W7 in XP MODE, then install the XP drivers inside the Virtual XP, install your applications and you're away. Print from XP MODE until the W7 driver appears.

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Unfortunately, my computer doesn't

by Healer In reply to Or - don't bother going t ...

have the specific processor for the virtualization. I hope Windows 7 supports Windows virtualization 2007. I have not tried Windows virtualization 2007 yet because I have not downloaded it. I have nearly run out my data download this month. I have to wait for next month before I can download more software.

I have found the compatibility feature on Windows 7 doesn't work as well as Vista. With Vista I could use compatibility mode to install quite a few old softwares. Widnows 7 does not seem to be so generous.

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I advise capped download users to go use their ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Unfortunately, my compute ...

Public Libraries whenever they run out of download allocation.

I'm not familiar with the demographic in Australia, but in the UK, the Public Library system (particularly in the Scottish Highlands which only GOT broadband in the Libraries last year) is a great place to go and download something when your own allowance has expired.

It's a public service paid for by the taxpayer - so it's available to the public to use (within reason) as they see fit.

If you've got a reasonably sizable thumb drive, get off your arse and get into your Library - use their system to grab Virtual PC.

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Thanks for your advice.

by Healer In reply to I advise capped download ...

Not every library here provides free Internet connections. Fortunately our local council does provide such free wirless broadband service though it wasn't quite stable when I tried last time. By the way even the McDonalds here do. I am not too sure if the libraries here allow us to plug the thumb drive in their computers. I haven't been to the library for some time. Anyway I can take my laptop there and try the wireless as well. I tried it before but it was very slow. I am afraid I might have to sit in the library for a while. As I am so busy with everything it is somewhat difficult to spare such time at this stage. I usually download and do some other things at the same time. I might try again when I can spare some time. Good reminder though! You have reinforced my vague idea. I have been afraid I would abuse my privilege sponging on others with such sizeable download.

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