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    Seeking Users of Bidview products


    by ghazi ·

    I am an investment analyst working for a NYC money management firm. Our approach is to look for high quality vendors or service providers at reasonable valuations. I have begun to analyze Bindview, a provider of network security and admin tools. I am trying to contact network/security administrators that have some familiary with the company’s product to help me evaluate why users find the product useful (eg which features make it attractive to customers) and why hasn?t MSFT or Novell integrated these features into the OS themselves (or have they?). It would also be helpful to understand the value proposition that Bindview offers (ie its competitive position with respect to functionality&pricing).

    If you can help, please contact me. Thanks.

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      Seeking Users of Bidview products

      by erikdr ·

      In reply to Seeking Users of Bidview products

      Well, firstly Novell and MSFT do offer almost all that is available in BView reports – but absolutely scattered and low-level. BView, and main competitor Axent, offer high-level comprehensive reports. A typical add-on product in a growing niche market.
      Secondly Bindview merged with another niche market vendor, OnePoint, recently. The type of xplatform user management the BV-Admin tools (as they are called now) offer is only partly available in xplatform NDS, and not in MSFT tools (though Zoomit MMS) could get some.
      On the security products, a review was published in IT Service Magazine Netherlands recently – but in Dutch language, so not very accessible for you. Took me 4 months to compile the recent changes in the BV products, also due to the merger and re-structuring of the product lines.

      Hope this helps,

      / The Netherlands

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