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    Seeking Volunteers for 3D Game/Social enviroment


    by talismanskulls ·

    We have a website and some information about the project called Zavataris, we have the URL, and the dedicated server and high speed connection that are a business class cable/network, and a main developer/programmer….
    However, we need help to get this thing going and would like to know if anyone would like to volunteer who has experience using the Unity game engine and importing higher end models like those on DAZ 3D for the avatars.

    The basics of the project are to create a combination Online game with a social 3D world environment as the central meet up and connection point. The Social aspect you can, to a point, compare to such places as SL or Kaneva, but without the limitations, and actually have a more game approach over all with such as quests, and all the avatar customizations in one place have menu options that are simply more intuitive so you

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