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Seeking webpage traffic counter

By NoelVB ·
I have had a domain for seven years. I have about 800 stories all based on my domain home page. Until last summer GoDaddy supplied a traffic counter from site analytic. that was quite helpful but they dropped it. I am seeking a replacement counter with one key benefit. Site analytics counted each page that was based on the home page so that I did not have to enter a script on each page. Obviously it would take hours to amend each linked page to include such a link. Can anyone suggest such a counter, either freeware or a paid application? I am using Windows 7. Thank you.

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Apply CSS

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Seeking webpage traffic c ...

Just create a small CSS page or go old school and build a template based on an existing page. Use it to apply a counter script to all pages, CSS had actually taken over for templates when it comes to site wide changes, that's the whole purpose of the script to begin with. Maybe a bit of fuss to learn and get set up the first time but you'll thank yourself down the road when you can change everything sitewide with a couple of clicks, fonts, background colour and other basics will keep it looking fresh. I have used statscounter fo a few years on various sites and it's pretty accurate when compared to server traffic.

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stats counter

by NoelVB In reply to Seeking webpage traffic c ...

Thank you for the suggestion re: Stats counter. I cannot determine, however, if that software requires a script on every page of the site. Keep in mind that I already have 800 pages on my site and I prefer not to spend days and days reinserting a script on each of them. I am seeking a system such as siteanalytics used to provide via GoDaddy. Where every page's traffic is computed simply by being an extension of the homepage url. thank you again.

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