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    Segmentation Fault 11/related to SIP disabling?

    by nikk2 ·


    Hello all, I wonder if someone has ever had any issues with something like this. I installed a program that needed me to modify SIP….via the terminal, I entered the command “csrutil –without debug” and was then able to use the program without any issues.

    However, a few weeks later, I am in need of another program (Pyware, a drill design program), and it won’t start, no matter what I do. I know the two are related, because when I tried opening up the program in my much slower, much older laptop, I was able to without an issue – until I tested the “csrutil –without debug” line.

    Here’s the problem: Even when I go back and do a “csrutil clear” and “csrutil enable” command…Pyware STILL won’t open (and of course, neither will the initial program that required me to use the –debug command). A segmentation fault 11 seems to be the main culprit. I am able to open the program in Safe mode, but it runs poorly and without some features.

    Is there something I am missing about resetting the SIP on a MacOS? Should I be using a different command?

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      Disable the SIP

      by ethanjarvis1994 ·

      In reply to Segmentation Fault 11/related to SIP disabling?


      Check the below steps to disable the SIP-

      1- Turn off your Mac (Apple > Shut Down).
      2- Hold down Command-R and press the Power button.
      3- Wait for OS X to boot into the OS X Utilities window.
      4- Choose Utilities > Terminal.
      5- Type csrutil disable and press enter.

      Now, System Integrity Protection has been disabled. Restart your Mac and install the desired software.

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