Segregate 2 LANs 1 WAN gateway

By simonaub ·
Have to create two seperate LANs(named Big with 18 devices& Tiny with 3) with no traffic crossing from one to the other.
WAN connection is a Cisco IAD/Router belonging to the ISP which I'm (of course) locked out of.
I want to connect the Big LAN via a 24-port Switch directly to the Cisco using the default scheme, while the Tiny LAN connects via a router to a single port on the 24p-switch and should use
The switch is a Dell PowerConnect 3524 w/VLAN capabilities.
The Shared WAN port could/should be Port 1 and Tiny LAN router is connected to port 24 (this thing also has 2 stacking ports)
The more I try to configure it the more worse off seem to get and I have till Friday to get it right.

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by tbmay In reply to Segregate 2 LANs 1 WAN ga ...

If you're looking to avoid a double-nat you're going to have trouble doing it that way. You're locked out of the Cisco so you can't set any static routes back to Tiny.

"....with no traffic crossing from one to the other."

Tiny's firewall must block all traffic to and from 10.0.1.* except

Personally I'd get the ISP involved. I've done what you're doing for DMZ's where I wanted the DMZ to have internet but no access to the important network but I've always subnetted at the WAN router. It's not necessary to do that if you have control of the WAN router and can set your routes; however, that's not your situation. (Assuming you want to avoid double-nat.)

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ISP response

by simonaub In reply to re....

Thanks for replying but the ISP is not willing to do it on their router.

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