Seing up a HP Laserjet 1200 series printer on Vista

By eha-temp1 ·
I recently bought a new DELL home computer running Vista. I am having a hard time getting my HP LaserJet 1200 series printer running on it. I have searched the HP web site for the appropriate driver, and it came up with the HP Universal Print Driver. I have tried both the PCL5 and PCL6 versions, but neither one works. In both cases, when I try to print a test page, it says "The selected printer 'Hp Universal Printing PCL 5' is not a supported HP device.

Any ideas?

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Re. Setting up a HP Laserjet 1200 series printer on Vista

I have put a, mmmm small bit of info below, hope this helps you.

Windows XP and Vista are nearly identical
With the release of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, the HP print driver structure is uniform and nearly identical to the Windows XP driver structure. The following comparison of Device Settings and driver tabs illustrates similarities and differences between operating systems.
Keys to the Vista print drivers: The HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) is the primary building block of the HP drivers built into
Windows Vista. When using Add a printer in Vista, most HP printing devices are installed with a print driver that is built around the UPD.
? What does this mean?
The UPD uses a query method to install a permanent instance of a driver. When a
printing device is added, the reality is that the UPD has added a permanent instance
white paper Microsoft Windows
Print Comparison ? XP vs. Vista
Security Level: Public
Document Summary
Compare the print driver features between Windows XP and Vista operating systems.
Explain that the Vista drivers are based on the HP Universal Print Driver.
Page 2 of 13 white paper
of the device. Open the Printers folder and you will see that device. All functions of
the UPD reside within the driver. This type of driver is known as a UPD traditional
mode-based driver.
? Not all drivers in Vista are supported by the UPD. These few products have product-specific drivers included in Vista. They are:
o HP LaserJet II Series
o HP LaserJet III Series
o HP LaserJet 4 Series
o HP LaserJet 5 Series
o HP LaserJet 6 Series
What are the drivers available for Vista?
Driver Detail
Drivers in Vista
These are the UPD-based drivers included with the Windows Vista
operating system.
Vista product-specific
This is the PCL 5, PCL 6, or PS driver for a specific product, such
as the HP LaserJet M5035 MFP.
Windows XP productspecific
? This is the PCL 5, PCL 6, or PS driver for specific product, such
as the HP LaserJet M5035 MFP.
? In most cases, you may use this type of driver if there is not a Vista driver available.
Latest UPD driver
? Use the most recent release of the UPD.
? Use this driver in the absence of a product-specific driver.
? Future releases of the UPD will provide more functionality.
Note: The drivers for the operating systems ? Windows 2000, Windows Server
2003, XP, and Vista ? have files that make the drivers interchangeable between
operating systems. The only difference is the appearance of the checkbox that
identifies the operating system.
Where can I get a print driver?
? HP web site: Posts new drivers by product for each driver release. Go to
Software and Driver Downloads for either the UPD or product-specific drivers.
? Microsoft driver update site: Microsoft posts new drivers to a web site for each driver
release. The site is: → Windows Vista → Downloads →
Software Updates.
? Windows Vista operating system: The HP drivers in Vista are primarily UPD-based drivers. More info click below.

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Is it fixed?

by John In reply to Seing up a HP Laserjet 12 ...

I'm having the same problem. The previous replies to you didn't make much sense.

If you found a fix please pass it on to me.


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Same problem.

by mclark9 In reply to Seing up a HP Laserjet 12 ...

Did you ever get it fixed?

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HP Laserjet 1200 supported natively in Vista

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Same problem.

The HP web site says drivers for the 1200 are included in Vista. If you can not get it to install this way, unfortunately, you're out of options. You'll need to purchase a Vista compatible printer. There are no drivers offered specifically for Vista for this printer.

In fact, one of the HP forum posts said this:

Unfortunatly there is no software for this product with windows vista. If the driver does not work then unfortunatly that is the end of the road.

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HP Laserjet 1200 Setup/Networking

by pbicket In reply to HP Laserjet 1200 supporte ...

Work-around solution found on another forum:
Control panel then Settings then Add Printer
Choose "Add a local printer". Click on "Create a new port". Use Local Port.
Next dialogue box is "Enter a Port Name."
Type in the path to the printer: \\(computer name)\(printer name).

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