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Select User Access on ADSL

By D_Bones ·
Hi folks
We have a mixed peer to peer network running Win98 and WinXp. This is then connected Via an ADSL Router to the Internet.

Can any tell me if there is a way of restricting access to the internet for spacific PC's.

All suggestions appreciated

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Select User Access on ADS ...

my actiontec dsl router will do it.

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by D_Bones In reply to

Poster rated this answer. Sorry wanted software solution. Many thanks anyway

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by CG IT In reply to Select User Access on ADS ...

depends upon your router and the built in features.

Linksys routers with current firmware have an access feature that you can configure. Access can be denied or granted by computer, type of service, type of protocol, time.

you can also configure IE to not allow http content via trusted sites/restricted sites.

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by D_Bones In reply to

Our Router is very basic and not configurable. I will try the content route and see if I can deny all access. I was looking for a solution that would not be reversable by a knowledgable user. Many thanks

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by TechKid In reply to Select User Access on ADS ...

Remove the computers default gateway address. Then just make sure your users are not Administrators on the box.

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by zaferus In reply to Select User Access on ADS ...

Of course it is by far the easiest to do this at the gateway - as this is the point all traffic will go through.

But if this is not possible, look at using a policy editor for your XP and 98 systems. If you have a windows 2000/3 DC you can enforce it from here for your XP systems. For the 98 one's you will have to just edit the registry directly. Look on the resource kit or MS web site for the policy editors.

In the registry - change the default gateway to that PC's IP. This way they will only be able to access local traffic. And since it is a policy the users will not be able to easily get around this without really hacking the system (which in most companies is a tad frowned upon).

There you go - a software based solution that works.


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by mikex In reply to Select User Access on ADS ...

Yes there is :

Buy a new router with a MAC address security feature and add or remove any PC by it's Network card Mac address

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