Selective Connectivity Problem!

By mike.parks ·
Weirdest thing I've ever seen:

Laptop A (WinXP/SP2), docked or undocked, while connected to the gigabit network, will periodically lose connection with the Exchange 2003 server.

I can be pinging -t the server happily, then suddenly, Request Timed Outs for days.. sometimes just a few seconds, sometimes minutes.

Tricky: while its "out", I can -
- pull up another window and ping anything else on the network
- browse the net
- ping the Exchange server from other workstations
- ping anything on the network from the Exchange server, except Laptop A.

I've moved to different LAN jacks, to no avail.

The fact that it can talk to everything else but the Exchange server blows my mind... nothing in the hosts file, no viruses. I thought perhaps the NIC was going bad, but it can still talk to everything else during the outage!

The laptop does have VZ Access manager on it for when the user is on the road (uses phone as modem) and has Blackberry Redirector loaded. In all my testing, both of these have had no discernable effect (loaded, unloaded).

I've done most all there is to be done, and am at a loss. First time I've ever put out a question to the citizens of the 'net... I hope someone recognizes this and shares their wizdom. Thanks....!

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