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    Selenium WebDriver Automation script for application Developed using NW.js


    by pvbranga ·

    Iam trying to Automate my application which is a standalone application build using NW.JS technologies. and based on chromium embedded framework NW.JS is a desktop application with web technologies implementation. The Application to be tested is actually embedded inside the Web Took Kit and looks like a normal window application. It does not make use any of the traditional browsers(IE/Firefox/Chrome/Safari) I automated the basic login functionality of my application using selenium web driver and python script and when i run it, it invokes my application but unable to identify the objects in the App. I tried with other testing tools, like UFT TestComplete White Ranorex WinTask

    All of these tools are invoking my application, but unable to identify the objects inside the App like login link etc. when i use object spy,it always highlights the main window only and does not identifies the objects inside the application My developer was saying that the app uses web view tag? developer has given us the Chrome Dev tools, using which we can inspect the objects properties, but despite this i still see errors when i try to run my automation script developed in selenium python script Not sure which testing framework and test automation tools will match my requirements Any one can please guide me, Iam struggling with the Test Automation tools to make it identify the objects inside the application The Application is built using CSS3.0,HTML5.0,JavaScript,C++ and node.js Technologies

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