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    Self Duplicating Files


    by pcmaster ·

    Out of all my PC’s in my office, this one is doing some weird stuff. And it was set up identical to all of the others.

    This PC, running Win2K Pro has a 40 Gb HD partitioned into a 15 Gb and 25 Gb partition. There is also another 80 Gb hard drive on the system.

    All the files are saved on the secondary (25Gb) partition by default and the 15Gb HD has the operating system and applications.

    Over a period of day, we notice that all of the files are being copied over to the C Drive including the file & folder structure. There are no backup routines running and the user doesn’t accidentally save to this location. We’ve moved them several times and over a period of a few days, they show up again. Is there something that may have gotten set that I don’t know about?

    This same thing happened to this user on the previous machine he had before I changed it out. I’m completely confused as is the user. Nobody else has access to it except him or I.

    Help and thanks.

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      by timwalsh ·

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      The fact that this is not happening to any other users, that all computers were configured identically, that no one else has access, and that this has happened previously with this same user leads me to suspect a user problem.

      There is no setting in Win2K that can cause a complete directory structure to automatically be copied/moved to another partition.

      I have witnessed instances in the past where a user will be in a hurry to open open/expand a folder, but because they have a problem (temporary or chronic) with the double-click, they actually end up dragging the folder and releasing it who nows where (sometimes this can also be caused by a double-click speed that is set too fast in Mouse properties).

      Slow the double-click speed down and see if that solves the problem.

      Or if you are feeling adventurous, switch the user’s computer with someone else and see if the problem follows the computer or the user.

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        Reply To: Self Duplicating Files

        by pcmaster ·

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        Double clicking must have been the problem. Once he was aware of it, he stopped and hasn’t had the problem re-occur again.


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      by pcmaster ·

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