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Self learn software design and develop

By tamarbouta ·
I am a website design and I am looking to learn software engineering but not going to unversity or college. I don't know what is that emcompass? I started learning java language already. Anyone knows what I have to do?
what are all the parties that make the software engineer?
Why I am learning it simple because I am looking to become an IT consultant. And be honest I do not have any idea what skill an IT consultant should have? I mean programming language and so on.
Any help will be greatly appreciate it.
Many thanks

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Continue to work on your written and verbal English skills

by robo_dev In reply to Self learn software desig ...

Not trying to be mean, but when you post a question and it has many mistakes, that hurts your credibility tremendously.

As a programmer or consultant, people form their impression of you based on how you present yourself both in-person and on paper.

From a skills development perspective, you should research what types of programming and technology you enjoy as well as what the industry needs. 'Software', as you know, includes everything from firmware design to flash-games.

The skills development question is like asking what new foreign language one should learn...the answer depends on where you want to go.

Being an 'IT Consultant' can mean almost anything.

Most consultants are either those who have many years of diverse experience or have very deep specialization in a certain area. For example, a business implementing a new warehouse management RFID system would hire a consultant because they don't have those technical skills in-house.

People pay consultants for their wisdom and knowledge to solve a problem faster and easier than they could do it themselves.

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You are right for my English skill

by tamarbouta In reply to Continue to work on your ...

well, many thanks for the advice. i will search and come back to you about type of programming and technology that I enjoy and You may help perhaps, But I mean time I am really grateful for the time that You took out to consider my question. I will update you tomorrow with more details.
Many thanks

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