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Self Taught is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had enough of all you so called self taught people. Why are you in your job?

You have no right to be there.

What gives you the right?

You never bothered to study the foundations of your profession. You make me sick.

Pray the day you entrust somthing to these wannabes!

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There's a lot to be learned from them

by mjd420nova In reply to Self Taught is the best!! ...

Don't subject an entire group to disdain just from your experiences with a few. They may do things different from the BOOK LEARNED people, but that's because they do have the experience to know how to approach problems from a more pragmatic direction. I see self taught individuals who couldn't find their butt holes in the dark with both hands and a flash light, but there are those who have a lot to teach about how to really solve a problem. I've seen them go right to a problem, skipping over steps that others would spend hours on eliminating step by step as they were taught.

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Ah a bugbear of mine that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to There's a lot to be learn ...

Fault finding does n't seem to be taught in academia, not in most IT courses anyway.

I learnt the technique off electricians, they do get taught how to do it.

For fault finding, you've got to think black box.
Then it's just binary a search.
Right here, wrong there must be somewhere in between, isolate the module, go into it's black boxes, re-iterate.

Sometimes having worked on a system for a while you get a feel for particular faults, but that's just intuition coupled with experience and a salting of luck.

The two cardinal rules are.

It's always in the last place you look. LOL

It's usually in the place you assumed it wasn't.

The real differences between self taught and academically taught.

A self taught person knows what they know much better. They only tend to know what they've had to teach themselves. So they do tend to haves tried and trusted solutions to problems, and until they cause a problem they won't be improved.

Unless some certified type (or a self taught person with different experience) comes along and says you can do that better like this.

Anyone of either stripe who thinks they've learnt all they need to know, just has a lot to learn.

A self taught person is much less likely to fall into this trap, as they've got nice people with bit's of paper to remind them they can't be all that clever, otherwise they'd have one too.

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self taught ,plus school

by half In reply to There's a lot to be learn ...

I started doing computer at home then went to school for 3 years ok. And a funny thing doing computer operation, they bought 3rd year students doing the 'Basis'[Batcherlor of applied science in information systems] guys down to our class and put a range of hardware on a desk. sound cards modems ect. The question asked was 'what are they' Boy this crowd was book smart but they had trouble with the components. most could not tell the diffrence from a sound card to a vidio card

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Ignore this troll.

by apotheon In reply to There's a lot to be learn ...

Every few months, he pops up and calls self-taught, highly competent, experienced professionals wannabes and charlatans (or would, if he knew what "charlatan" meant). He's just bitter because, despite his years of expensive formal "education", he's still incompetent, inexperienced, and unemployable. Don't feed the troll, and maybe he'll die of starvation.

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I'm self taught, started in 1977

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Self Taught is the best!! ...

You want to see if that bit of paper matches up?

I wouldn't say self taught was the best per se. There a lot of things I don't know, I know that because I've never stopped teaching myself when I bump into my own ignorance.

Are you having difficulties in your career by any chance.

Academia hasn't prepared you for the real world?

Perhaps, wanting to be makes you more useful than already are ?

Whining pratt.

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Well some of us can learn

by zlitocook In reply to Self Taught is the best!! ...

With out With out being in a classroom! We can learn on our own and have great jobs wiprove it.
Why do you put down people who have proven them selfs and are helping our great country? You do not need to go to a four or six year collage to get a great job. As a matter of fact it is has been provin that most collage grads, have a hard time finding a job in their profession.
Becase of no real life training which two year collages give and self training helps.
Going to a four year collage is great and can help you to a degree but if you are trying to get into the IT field you need real world experience and training. Which you can not get at school.
Look at the job heiring rate for grads. and the hiring rates for non grades with self training.

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How artistic!

by NickNielsen In reply to Self Taught is the best!! ...

But you spoiled the curve by making the fourth line so long. Must be self-taught.

Who are you? Did you join TR just to make this post? What's wrong with being self-taught? How do you know what I know? Did you know that all generalizations have exceptions?

To quote you, "What gives you the right?"

If you want to spew, go to one of the kiddie forums. If you want to offer constructive criticism, then stick around and discuss it. Don't be a seagull poster.

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Gee Nick

by Tig2 In reply to How artistic!

You must have missed the last time Spud boy graced the boards with his presence. Long irritating story and I won't bore you with detail.

He's been back a few times with this ca-ca. Must have found a public use terminal again. Either that or Mommy and Daddy haven't been monitoring his computer use lately.

Either way, he's a troll. Just another in a long line. *YAWN*

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Ah, well

by NickNielsen In reply to Gee Nick

I think that was back when I was stil skulking and not paying too much attention. As Tony said below, "I must have missed it."

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I almost ran over a Chipmunk today

by OnTheRopes In reply to Self Taught is the best!! ...

but I was able to do a controlled turn just in time. That would've screwed up my weekend.

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