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Self-Teaching A+

By jmkisback ·
Just a quick question to all of you with certs...In your opinion is it possible to take and pass the A+certification exams with little or no on the job experience, lots of personal experience and a self study program using Mike Meyer's series of books? I have started studying on my own and feel i've learned so much already, don't think I really need to enroll in a "class" but not knowing anyone personally who has taken the exam I just can't be sure that I can do this on my own.
Please give meyour two cents?

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A+ Certification Home Study

by petemcc In reply to Self-Teaching A+

I did it, and so can you. Get a couple of cheap old PC's, network them, take them apart and reassemble them. Take practice tests and study different sources - there's a lot of online material available.

Good luck, and have fun

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A+ classes

by ferocious In reply to Self-Teaching A+

I took a triple cert class back in 1999. I was one of the brighter students because of my experience. There were some students who had never opened a PC who passed the exams their first try, while one guy took the exams 4 times.

It depends on you. I knew a guy who passed his MCSE exams without books or training, just experience. Some of your experience with computers may be shortcuts that aren't listed in the A+ books. Just try the quizzes in the book. The exams are not difficult if you're comfortable with the A+ concepts.

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Sure you can do it

by Retro In reply to Self-Teaching A+

Some people just need the added benefit of an instructor to better understand the material. A+ is designed for those with minimal experience, but the basics are fairly easy to master. There are many self study guides that have practice adaptive exams included on CD-Rom. I would stress that you use one of those resources, since the A+ Cert Exam is now adaptive. Anyone who has taken an adaptive exam can tell you that they're no piece of cake. Good luck and stay dedicated!

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Yeah ! Thats how I did it.

by eujay In reply to Sure you can do it

Yes it is possible to pass A+ withoutr a class. Take a look at the following pages on my home site. They answer this question and others relating to A+ certification.

My company gave us a class to encourage us to get A+ certified but the class was held by a PC tech who just allowed us a bit of study time. It was a crap class and I passed the test by studying on my own.

Hope this helps


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self-teach A+

by alainpiloninformatiq In reply to Self-Teaching A+

sure you can do it the amount of time you will
need to devote to studying and taking pratice
test will depend on your level of experience.
Take it slow read all chapters at least 3 times
do the practice test and move on when you
are confident and can answer all questions
without hesitation

Good Luck

Alain Pilon
A+ Certified Technician

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Classes can help, but...

by avickery In reply to self-teach A+

I took a combination A+ / Net+ course in October of last year, and when the course was over I did not feel confident enough to tackle the exams, so I did some self-study and learned twice as much as I did in class. Making flashcards, reading study guides, and taking practice tests gave me the confidence I needed. I took the A+ Core Hardware right after Christmas and made a 980. Good luck to you.

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The same thoughts.

by digger.T In reply to Self-Teaching A+

Hi Julianne
I'm doing the same course and feel I am gaining a lot of knowledge and I am glad I started it but I didn't know there where books(any clues who sells them) as it would help a lot when I'm not at the pc.


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by deatsfam In reply to The same thoughts.

CompUSA carries several books for the A= Exam, the best of which is published by Sybex. Make sure you get the latest edition, and the A= COMPLETE study guide, (I think it is the 2nd edition)

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