Sell online with some degree of anonymity

By Sara_Lara ·

I ant to sell an ePub with some degree of anonymity (I want to keep my friends). I did some research and I would like to have your feedback on my cheklist.

I am not in the USA and I will pay my taxes !

1. use a second hand computer + public wi-fi
2. TOR / Tails / VPN
3. use different emails for different accounts
4. website : free WordPress
5. Payment : Stripe + Simple Goods (shows only email and chosen name)
6. use nom de plume + erase metadata
7. promotion : temporary emails

Questions :
1. is TOR enought ? Do I need a VPN ?
2. is there better (safer?) than WordPress ?
3. Simple Goods will store my ePub; what about ?
4. will my checklist protect my identity ?

Thank you for your input and comments.
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