Sellling Active Directory to Management

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Hi all,

We are looking for material to "sell" active directory and upgrade to windows 2003 server R2 to our company's management. Everything on that we found so far seems to be geared towards technical personnel. We need something that top management can understand.

If anyone knows of such a document, please post!

Thank you
Chris Lambrou

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What kind of setup are you currently using?

by XT John In reply to Sellling Active Directory ...

Alot depends on your current setup and what you're planning to use Active Directory for. If I remember correctly, Microsoft reccomends any network running more than 10 PC's will benefit from running as a 'Domain' versus a workgroup. The more users and computers you are trying to manage, the more necessary a Domain becomes (a domain in the Microsoft sense, running a server as a Domain Controller, with Active Directory an integral part for managing policies). We have hundreds of users, some are for local system administration, the rest are our remote users coming in for terminal services, for media access and IIS. We can set up via group policy what and where these users can do. If you have multiple servers, you can do the same thing, sort them by function and apply specific policies to that group. The main advantage to Active Directory is applying a setting to a 'group', whether computers or users, from a central site, without having to touch each individual pc attached to the Domain. Your policy is recieved on the client side when you log in, your limitations, rules, etc based upon your profile.

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The setup

by general In reply to What kind of setup are yo ...


The current setup currently is an under-utilized windows 2000 domain. Our company has about 50 users, both PCs and MACs.
We are an advertising agency (hence the MACs). Most of the work done by our users is graphic design and word processing.

Most of your reply above deals with security, which is is not really anything more than what a workgroup or AD on 2000 can offer, just that it can be applied in a more efficient way.

I feel there is more to it than security:
Backups maybe? Availability? Scalability?
More efficient use of hardware.

Note that the upgrading plan also includes a new Exchange and ISA server.

I just wish I could find something that would explain all the benefits w/o the technical jargon.


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not selling Active Directory

by CG IT In reply to The setup

Most features of AD center on security so if management already knows the security benefits because of the W2K domain, then it's pointless to try to sell it.

If your trying to get Exchange and ISA on the network, sell those instead.

"Most of your reply above deals with security, which is is not really anything more than what a workgroup"

that is your statement and a workgroup is NOT Active Directory by any means.

here's a link to Technet on Active Directory architecture.

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New Exchange REQUIRES Active Directory.

by 1bn0 In reply to The setup

Is your new exchange a requirement. If so you wont have any choice.

Overview of operating system and Active Directory requirements for Exchange Server 2003

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