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Semantic Web

By greg_ross_sr ·
I was wondering if anyone out there has created any semantic websites.

If not, does anyone know of any potential applications of the semantic web to their industry?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the Semantic web, check out my article:


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by Jaqui In reply to Semantic Web

since the bots should be reading the meta data in the headers, and aren't, until bot coders start using the existing data, nope not going to code a semantic site.
it will be a waste of time to try coding for the bots, when that is exactly what half the meta headers are for and those are being ignored.

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meta tags?

by greg_ross_sr In reply to odd

Meta tags are not going to accomplish what the Semantic web is setting out to do.
Meta tags may tell you what the page or website is about, but it does not even come close to telling you the context or meaning of each individual word on that page. Meta tags also don't build the types of relationships that would make semantic computing, or AI, possible.

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Of no real use

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Semantic Web

on the web as it still allows the page content provider to define how they 'look' to a search engine. What many want is visibility, so they just stuff it full of keywords so they get to the top of the list on any search. It might have a use on an intranet, but generally they are so 'small' meta tags will solve the problem as there you can control the content.

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