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Sempron 3100+ with 256Mb L2

By payaay ·
Is there a way to make the CPU load balanced? I have an AMD Sempron that works at top loaded 100%. Does a processor chip like this always work on that level?

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need more info

by jeasterlingtech In reply to Sempron 3100+ with 256Mb ...

you running a benchmark? or is this under a heavy load conditions like lots of programs running at the same time, low memory, or maybe a database with a large number of records being indexed. my CPU runs a couple percent unless it is doing heavy computations like photoshop or poser
if not could you have a virus/spyware infection or maybe a bad driver?

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Still 100%

by payaay In reply to need more info

I just check the performance meter in Task Manager. I have in my hand a AGP 4X card ready to install. Is it possible that due to background APIs that I have to install this because the processor is over stepped? I checked for viruses/spyware with 3 programs and all updated. Another, just what is the advantages of 4X 64Mb Video card?

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by jeasterlingtech In reply to Still 100%

use a program like "hijack this" to see if something snuck by the AV or Anti-spy program
use mcaffie's stinger to clear out any viruses that might have sliped past
use msconfig to turn off extra startup processes

try to be systamatic about this

the video card would take a little pressure off the CPU if you are useing a motherboard based video, it would free up some memory, 4X is about standard for speed now at days, without knowing more i can't tell if it would be "faster" card then the AGP already in your system

oh, one weird thing i've recently come across if nortons antivirus is corrupted it will "eat" cpu cycles for lunch and let every sort of virus in

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